Teaching young students how to properly remember and enter their different usernames and passwords can be an overwhelming task. Here is a free tool that could help to take the stress out of the term, students login on your device. The tool I am referring to is called Clever. Clever is an easy way for a user to access all of their learning applications. The user only has to login once. The targeted audience is kindergarten to second grade.  

How it works The kindergarten students use Clever to login their Chromebooks and now different applications. Clever allows students to a QR code on student ID badges on the webcam of the Chromebook. This help to eliminate time for students looking up and entering their password. At the end of the day, Keith and Ron was able to discover more application that could be pushed out to allow the students to login faster. It is a simple process for the users.

Step 1:  Personalized Clever Badges with QR codes

Step 2: Students hold their Clever Badge up to the webcam on their device.

Step 3: Students have access to all of their learning applications connected with Clever with no typing


Clever has over 200 applications here are just a few from the App Gallery:

  • Google Apps for Education
  • Active Directory
  • Office 365
  • Canvas
  • LDAPs
  • Lenovo Stoneware/webNetwork
  • ABC Mouse
  • Common Sense Education
  • Code.org
  • Code Combat
  • Canvas
  • Edmodo
  • Edupoint Synergy


Clever Security and Privacy:

Security: Clever uses defense grade security standards

Privacy: Clever is 100% FERPA compliant

Control: Districts always maintain full control of their data.

Instant Login: SAML and OAUTH 2.0 for authentication. Districts will maintain 100% ownership of their data.  


For more information contact the Clever staff at https://clever.com/about/contact/.



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