Have you ever had a thought about something you would say, “That is just common sense.” Well, I can tell you that common sense isn’t that common. I came across this video of a person driving their truck and trailer on Lake Michigan. I know many may have the thought, it is February. What is the big deal? Lake Michigan has had extremely warm weather. Several days of record breaking high temperatures will into the mid 60 degrees.

I will share a video showing the results of this interesting act. But ask yourself a few things first. Do you believe it is wise to walk on the ice if the temperature has been in the mid 60 degrees for several days? Don’t try this at home.

The following post is from Artimis is called, “Watch This Idiot Sink His Truck And Trailer In Lake Michigan.”  WPTV NewsChannel 5, the NBC affiliate

Click to view video.



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