North America International Auto Show and How It Can Expand Our Creativity Through Technology.

Every January, Detroit Michigan host the North America International Auto Show. In 2016, the NAIAS hosted more than 750 vehicles. Which helped attendance reach 815,575, the most since 2003.

NAIAS hosted the first Auto Mobility Expo that the next step will be vehicles with the capability to drive themselves. How is this even possible you may ask? It is with the creativity ways of integrating technology.


The Auto Mobility Expo showed technology that today will allow vehicles to eliminate any blindsides and not have any mirrors. They will use cameras and sensors. Even allow a virtual overhead view of the vehicles. To learn more about Automobili-D click on the link. 

Technology allows for cars to apply the brakes even if the driver doesn’t see the protentional danger first.

How were these types of vehicles able to move beyond the mind of the creators? Technology! More schools are allowing their students to engage in the creative use of technology from coding, robotics to using tools in a

I read on Twitter from some amazing educators like Tia Simmons @TechTia and Nathan Johnston @njohnstonmusic. “Kids can make anything with the right tools!” This is what is happening in the automotive industry.

NAIAS Becomes Hands-On Classroom for Pre-K to College Students. To read more about students at NAIAS Click on the link.  Here is an activity for students. Click on the link to download the Kids NAIAS Education Day. A World of opportunities PDF.


I will encourage you to move forward by opening up your creativity and image the unthinkable of today. When we allow your minds to think beyond the walls. We achieve far beyond the walls.


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